A unique set of eco-friendly OIKOS houses in Croatia using NOVATOP bioboards (multi-layer boards).

This year, the new eco-resort of Buqez was created in the popular tourist resort of Drage south of Zadar, offering its guests a peaceful beach holiday away from busy tourist centres. Twenty small OIKOS wooden buildings, which boast an excellent ecological footprint, thermal insulation properties and extremely healthy indoor environment, were erected in the resort.  The whole resort leaves a very low carbon footprint thanks to a renewable energy system and highly controlled water consumption and waste management.



The structure of the OIKOS houses made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, have been built to last as long as possible.  The framework in the interior is covered with a NOVATOP spruce multi-layer board, which completes the entire project’s exclusivity and contributes to climate control in the interior. To prevent the small buildings on the hot coast from overheating, wall composition comprising of fibreboard and cellulose insulation were used. The wooden facades are treated with the Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban, consisting of charring, hand brushing and oiling of wood, which then no longer needs be treated and is, moreover, protected from insects and fungi. Each house has an area of 36 m2 and an outdoor terrace.

If you would like to try what it is like to live in such modern houses, you can rent them – the resort is open all year round; the second option is to buy the house straight away.

Project: OIKOS HOUSINGEkoresort Buqez
Photo: Monika Janković and Mark Krupa